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For almost 60 years, Lambert Tire Co. has been a multi-generational part of Carrollton families and the stories they tell: a farmer's tractor being rescued from a flat tire during planting season, our service truck saving travelers stranded in a freak ice storm, or the newly-married couple leaving Carrollton on their honeymoon 30 years ago with a new set of tires. Our original shop is still a place for Carrolltonians to gather. Grandchildren come and buy tires from us because their grandparents told them Lambert Tire Co. is the only place they have ever taken their cars.

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Our spot on Bankhead Ave. has been a Carrollton hub of activity and local landmark since at least the 1920s when a little store called "Jordan's" was built to sell gasoline and service automobiles. By the 1950s the store was known as "Boggs Groceries" and was a favorite stop for children walking to and from school to buy candy & snacks. Boggs was torn down in 1961 by Bill Lambert to build Lambert Tire Co.

The Lamberts were a well-known local family, both popular businessman Bill and his Carrollton Chief of Police and later Carroll County Sheriff brother Hugh Lee. Jack Edwards bought the business in 1981 to carry on the Lambert's tradition of caring for Carrollton's cars and his sons Mark and Ash run the business today.

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