Happy New Year
2021 marks Lambert Tire Co's 60th anniversary, and we hope you'll help us celebrate it. In the meantime, wishing you all good things in the New Year.
Happy New Year

Electrical Center
What is your car's electrical center? The battery, the starter and the alternator. These parts get the car up and running and then feed the car's electrical components.

Essential Fluids
What are your car's essential fluids? Engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and window washing fluid. All these can be found under the hood and we are happy to check them for you.

Remodeled and Revisioned for Women
Two years ago, The City Menus did a post on us. If you want to take a look you can read it here: Lambert Tire: Remodeled and Revisioned for Women

Tire Ratings
Do you want to know Consumer Report's tire ratings but don't have a subscription? We can help! Just call the store and ask for Ash and I will go over them with you and help you find the perfect tire for your vehicle.
Consumer Reports Tire Ratings

Art Takeover
More than 25 private businesses are paired with skilled artists from our community. Participants stroll the downtown area experiencing art, entertainment, food and drink at these locations. A concert by Tyler Lyle at the Amp will cap off this year's festivities. Art Takeover is a collaboration between Carrollton Main Street, Carrollton Center for the Arts and the University of West Georgia Art Department.

"I can't find my tire size anywhere!" he said. "It's an old size, one that isn't common anymore."
The popularity of tire sizes changes just like fashion. Take a look at the images below to see what is popular this year and what may be more in demand in the years to come:

  1. Tire Sizes
  2. Tire Sizes
  3. Tire Sizes

Who else do you recommend?
Recently someone called asking for tire recommendations and pricing and ended the conversation with the question, "Who else do you recommend?"

What a great question! Here is what I told them:

"Roy's Tire Center has been our partner since 1981 so it isn't fair to recommend them even though the shop is run independently. The only other place I can recommend is Tire Express because they are an honest, local, independent business who doesn't upsell like all chains, franchises, corporate stores and Big Box retailers do. Go see them. I am confident they will treat you well."

Tire Repairs

We get lots of requests to repair tires ... everyday. Most of them we can handle, but some we can't. And some we could do, but don't. Why? Because there are industry safety standards that tell us we can't; that's why. If the puncture is on or near the sidewall, forget it - we won't do it. But there are places in town that will. Ask me and I will tell you who and where they are. I will even give you directions. I understand why you wouldn't want to buy a new tire, I do. And I want you to get what you want in life and I will help you get it. But not long ago I used to simply tell the customer we couldn't help them and the only alternative was a used or new tire. Why did I change?

Read Larissa H.'s Yelp review, followed by my response. You may also visit our Yelp listing by clicking on the image below:

Yelp Review

Larissa went to a nearby shop where the term "safety standards" is unknown and she got what she wanted. Good for her. She then created a Yelp account to punish us for looking out for her with a dishonest review. I will still look out for our customers. I will still explain to them the dangers. But if they won't take my advice I will send them down the road to someone who will repair the tire. That is what Yelp has done.

For tire repair pricing information, visit our Pricing page.

Turning vs Replacing Rotors

You may have heard the term machining or turning rotors tossed around,but when it comes to rotors, most places don't "turn" them anymore (but Lambert Tire Co. does). As with so many modern parts and appliances, the cost of a new rotor has become less than the cost of the labor involved in machining one. Drums can also be machined, but they've become just as cheap to buy new.

How much does it cost to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

Why are my brakes squealing?

A squealing noise is an intentional indicator that brake pads need to be replaced. Brake pads come with metal indicator attachments that rub on the rotor when the pad material is worn down to 3 millimeters; this rubbing is what causes the squealing noise. Most luxury cars use an electrical indicator in place of the metal attachment; instead of a squealing noise, a dashboard light will appear when brake pads are low.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

In a former career, marketing guru Seth Godin was my North Star. He still is. A few years ago he wrote a blog post entitled "Tires, coffee, and people":

Seth Godin Blog post

In the two plus years I have helped out here I have never heard a single person articulate that the tires are the most important part of a car, or even acknowledge that the tires are the only part of the vehicle that touches the road. Some people seem to intuitively understand that and so purchase quality tires and I certainly get plenty of people who insist on "good tires" for the safety of their family. I get that not everyone can afford premium tires or even care about them, but I can't tell you how many times I have seen people driving a used BMW or Mercedes with the very cheapest tires available. I wonder if they also use Folgers with a $3000 Jura coffee maker?

Grilled Cheese
Anyone who knows me knows I am a strong advocate for local INDEPENDENT business. People who know me better may know I seldom go out to eat at a restaurant, and I would never eat a grilled cheese sandwich - too many bad childhood memories around that food.

But I did, and I loved it. And I will be going back to this local independent business for another - Pin It Co, a home goods store with a cafe tucked away inside.

And the Coffee Roasters, makes a latte good enough for me to go back and get another. The beans were from Brazil and we left with a bag of our own.

Why are my brakes grinding?
Grinding is caused by worn brake pads and rotors. If you let that grinding go on too long and the brake pad material wears away entirely, the brake pad backing will be rubbing against the metal rotor, causing grinding that sounds like a metal chain being dragged against concrete.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

Why is my car pulling during braking?
If you feel the car pull or jerk to one side as you brake, one of your calipers may not be releasing the brake pad from the rotor. Your caliper or your brake hose may need replacing, or you may have a suspension or steering issue.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

My brake light is on! What do I do?
The reason the brake light is on is that there is no or low brake fluid. This indicator is the result of a brake fluid leak, or an urgent need to replace one or more parts of the brake system. If your brake light comes on while you are driving, pull over and check the brake fluid reservoir. If there is fluid in the reservoir, drive your car to a mechanic; if there is no fluid in the reservoir, get the car towed.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

My brakes feel spongy! What do I do?
If your brake pedal feels spongy when you press on it, there is air in your brake fluid, and the system needs to be bled.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

What does a low, soft, or sinking brake pedal mean?
The brake fluid is low, brake pads or shoes may need replacing, drum brakes may need adjusting, or a brake fluid exchange is needed. If you have low brake fluid or your brake pads are worn down to 3 millimeters or less, the pedal will be soft, or easy to push, and you won't feel resistance (the brake pads clamping down on the rotors) until the pedal is almost to the floor. The half-second delay can translate into a collision.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

Why do my brakes self-apply?
If the brakes engage as you stepped on the pedal when you didn't, you most likely have an issue with your master cylinder.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

I have a problem with hard braking.
If you press on the brake pedal and it won't push down at all, even when you use both feet and all your weight, your brake booster is failing and will need to be replaced.

What do you charge to replace my brakes?
More about Brakes...

The Purple Cow
My marketing hero, Seth Godin, called Ling Valentine an example of a successful "Purple Cow" saying.... "From personal YouTube videos to particularly poignant and honest presentations or direct and true sales pitches, the humility, freshness and transparency that comes with an honest performance might actually be better than what a professional could do."

The Independent said she has the "worst website on the internet." Automotive Magazine called her a "deranged internet freak."

In any case, she is quite successful in the car lease marketplace in the U.K.

A Purple Cow isn't the biggest and isn't the best. A Purple Cow is the only.

Take a look here and see for yourself. Me? I will go with Seth Godin's assessment. Cheap
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