Lambert Tire Co. believes that the best customer is an informed and educated one. We strive for open communication in our work.

All prices include a discount for cash and check.

How much do alignments cost?
Sedans, SUVs, CUVs - $69.50 (Two Wheel)
Pickup Trucks - $89.50
Dually Trucks - $125.00

How much are brakes?
The average price for labor and new brake pads for a single axle (rear or front) is $115.00. Need brakes all the way around? The average cost for that is $230.00. Rotors are an additional charge.

What do you charge for oil changes?
Synthetic blend oil - $38.95 + tax
Full synthetic oil - $58.95 + tax
Some European models may be more.

How much are tire repairs?
Plug - $10.00
Patch - $25.00

What do you charge to check the air in my tires?
Air is always FREE.

What if I have my own car tires? Will you install those for me?
Absolutely. $20.00 per tire for tires on sedans, SUVs and CUVs. Some larger truck tires are $25.00 each. You are welcome to take your old tires home with you, but if you leave them with us the disposal fee is $3.00 per tire.

Do you have used tires? How much are they?
We have a small selection of pre-loved tires in good condition. Each tire is $35.00 installed.

How much is a tire rotation?
If you purchased 4 tires from us then the rotation is free. Otherwise it is $20.00 to rotate 4 tires for most vehicles. Trucks with large wheels and tires may be a little more.

How much do you charge to rotate and balance my tires?
$40.00 to rotate and balance 4 tires on most vehicles.

What if I just want one tire balanced?
$10.00 per tire

What is the price for serpentine belt service?
Prices vary per vehicle.

Do you install leveling kits?
Yes, Prices vary per vehicle.

What do you charge for hoses, struts, shocks, control arms, ball joints, tire rods and wheel bearing on my vehicle?
Give Mark a call and set a time to leave the vehicle for inspection so we can give you an accurate estimate.

Tire Pricing

I have considered online pricing tools, but I haven't found one that is truly useful to you. When I do, I will include it on this website. Until then, email us for a quote or just pick up the phone and call 770-832-9465.

Buying tires doesn't have to be confusing. Just keep a few things in mind:
Knowing the tire size is important. Sure, we are happy to look up your vehicle's tire size, but you still might have to go out and check the tire size anyway because many models come in multiple tire sizes. (You can find it written on the tire sidewall, and on the door jam sticker of your vehicle).

We like to know what kind of vehicle the tires are going on, of course.

At Lambert Tire Co., there are "today tires" and "tomorrow tires." "Today tires" are the range of tires we have available for installation right away, and "tomorrow tires" are a much wider range of tires that we can quickly have delivered.

Do you want a budget tire? There are some good ones. Or a reasonably priced name brand tire? We have those too. Maybe you have a brand of tire you always buy (a true Michelin fan never buys any thing else)? No worries. Are you a Consumer Reports reader? We can get those tires for you - Just ask!

If you have been driving on premium tires you would most likely tell the difference if you had budget tires installed, but if you have been driving on budget tires all along it won't make any difference.

Big tires on big vehicles are more expensive than small tires on small vehicles.

Luxury cars usually demand luxury tires.

It is a best practice to match tire brands, but you don't have to.

Give us a call and we will find the best tires for you.

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